LaScam comprises directors, authors of interviews and commentaries, writers, translators, journalists, video makers, photographers and illustrators. These creators form the documentary wealth of the audiovisual, radio and new media sectors. LaScam represents them in dealings with the lawmaker, producers and broadcasters. It negotiates their economic rights, collects and distributes their royalties, asserts their moral rights and defends their future interests.

Article 3 of the statues

The object of the society is:

  • To exercise and administer, throughout the world, all the rights relating to the reproduction or performance, in any form, of its members’ works, and in particular to collect and distribute the royalties accruing from the exercise of those rights;
  • To engage in activities for the welfare, defence and promotion of its members’ economic and social rights;
  • To engage in solidarity activities in favour of its members;
  • To employ appropriate means to develop and enhance the society’s repertoire in France and abroad by promoting cultural diversity;
  • And generally to defend the material and moral interests of its members.